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21st Annual General Meeting on 21st Aug 2019

by | 22 August 2019

This was held @ Lawry’s The Prime Rib Singapore, Mandarin Gallery, Mandaring Orchard. It was a delightful dinner with an insightful talk by Miss Kuah Boon Theng, the Managing Director of Legal Clinic LLC.Her experience spans the full spectrum of legal work in the healthcare industry, from advising healthcare institutions, professional bodies and healthcare professionals, representing clients in mediation and legal proceedings, and serving on various hospital committees such as research ethics committees and clinical ethics committees. Miss Kuah shared details of a few SMC medical cases.She also highlighted that many physicians will then be geared towards practicing defensive medicine; with worrying trends of more severe sentences to be expected as well as high rates of physician burnout. A fruitful session indeed with many questions and queries.


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