About Us

History of AWDS

  • 1998

    AWDS registered
  • Celebrated 10th anniversary

  • 2005

    Joined the Singapore Council of Women’s Organizations (SCWO)
  • Established a website


The Association of Women Doctors (Singapore) was registered in July 1998 after a year and a half of discussion by a group of women doctors. The idea of forming a doctor’s association for doctors was first proposed by orthopaedic surgeon and former NMP Dr Kanwaljit Soin. It was felt that women doctors could and did make significant health and social contributions and it was time to get noticed, many doctors were very enthusiastic about the formation of the AWDS and there were over 300 respondents during the inaugural meeting where a protem committee was elected.

We celebrated the 10th anniversary of AWDS in 2008 and the society has come a long way since it was first registered in July 1998. AWDS first fought for the abolishment of the gender quota that, up until its termination in 2002, restricted the intake of deserving female medical students into the medical degree course in Singapore. AWDS has evolved through its teething years as a society, and is recognized as pivotal in promoting women’s rights in relation to health and career advancement in medical practice.

The association has grown from strength to strength in recent years with an increasing number of activities and collaborations with other women’s groups eg. UNIFEM, AWARE, WINGS, Financial Women’s Association (FWA), Business & Professional Women’s Association (BPWA) to name a few, and is also invited to engage in Ministerial Dialogue Sessions for feedback and input on various women, chidren, health, work-life and family issues.

AWDS joined the Singapore Council of Women’s Organizations (SCWO) in 2005 and established a website in mid 2006.

The Association of Women Doctors (Singapore) aims to enhance the professional development and well-being of its members in the medical and dental profession by providing a social platform for networking and communication.

The society serves as a voice for women’s health issues and an advocate for the advancement of women in practice.

The society serves to provide information on career guidance and mentoring, and is also active in organising seminars, forums and workshops relating to health concerns, particularly those pertaining to women and families.

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