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Beauty and Wellness Event 2016

by | 9 November 2016

On November 9th, Vice-President Dr Ho Ching-Lin & Past President Dr Iroshini Chua jointly organized a wellness event for friends in the lay community. Experts spoke about inner beauty in the realm of nutrition, yoga and mindfulness, as well as medical treatments for aesthetic beauty. The first speaker, Dr Kevin Chua, Family Physician of Dr Chua & Partners, with a special interest in Aesthetics, shared about the latest treatments available. He wisely added that no medical treatment is truly effective if it is not accompanied by good diet and exercise. The lovely Ms Lim Swee Lin, Author of “10 Easy Habits of Eating Well” & Creative Officer and Founder of Fig & Blossom, discussed tips on nutrition and engaged the audience in an interactive quiz. Many in the audience were intrigued and asked where they could find copies of her book. Final speaker, the incandescent Ms Yvette Tee, Yoga & Meditation teacher, shared her personal story of how she left the corporate world and the found happiness and contentment through yoga and meditation. She challenged the audience to consider if their current state of mind was peaceful and happy, and if not, whether this may be affecting their efficiency. The audience found the talks thought-provoking and fed back that they had learnt a lot that evening. This wellness event was sponsored in part by Venus Concepts, Zeltiq and Servicom, and covered by Icon magazine and The Singapore Tatler.

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