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Forget Me Not : Our president’s insights on Dementia

by | 12 April 2018

With the recent conclusion of “The Father” by local theatre company Pangdemonium, our President reflects upon the need to engage the oft-avoided topic of dementia.

She writes:

“…When I hear people discuss the process of ageing, many think about growing physically weaker or unattractive, having mobility issues and a tonne of pills to pop. We think we can be brave the twilight years if we exercise, go for youth-preserving treatments and make wise financial decisions today. There seem to be many options offered because there is much open discussion about physical health, aesthetic treatments and nest eggs. Very few people talk about how frightening it can be lose your mind; how stressful it can be for yourself and your caregivers. Oddly enough, the more terrifying the topic, the less we want to discuss it, but that doesn’t make it less real…”


The Father Pic

The full article first appeared on drjadekua.com on March 17 2018. To read it, click here

To find out more about “The Father”, click here

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