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“I Wish We Could Talk About This”: A Public Forum for All Mothers and Their Teenage Daughters

by | 2 July 2011

The topic for this year’s Public Health Forum was titled, “I Wish We Could Talk About This: A Public Forum For All Mothers And Their Teenage Daughters”.
It was held at Temasek Junior College lecture theatre. There was a turn-out of around 50 members of the public: apart from mother and daughter groups, there were a handful of fathers in the audience.

There were six speakers ranging from health topics to financial and cybersafety issues. The speaker on cybersafety, Mr Rupert Gan, was invited back to speak at AWDS’ 13th AGM.

Below shows the programme of the talks:

  • Eating right: How to recognise and deal with eating disorders
    – What is normal healthy body weight?
    – Are you dieting when you should be growing?
    – When does watching your weight become an “eating disorder”?
    (Speaker: Dr Oh Jean Yin, Consultant, Paediatric and Adolescent Medicine, KKH)
  • Vaccinations for my daughter
    – When and Why she needs them
    (Speaker: Dr Ann Tan, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Paragon Medical Centre)
  • Communicating with your Teen
    – Do you feel you are losing touch with each other?
    – How to break down the barriers now!
    (Speaker: Dr Adrian Wang, Consultant Psychiatrist, Gleanagles Medical Centre)
  • Cybersafety
    – Keep yourself safe from befriending a predator online
    – Learn about the risks of posting embarrassing photos and texts online
    (Speaker: Mr Rupert Gan)
  • Financial independence: Your road to freedom
    – How to invest your pocket money wisely
    (Speaker: Mr Fred Baptist, Financial Consultant, IPP Financial Advisers Pte Ltd)
  • “The Birds and the Bees”
    – What you should know about safe sex, contraception and sexually transmitted diseases; don’t be shy to ask!
    (Speaker: Dr Yong Tze Tein, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, SGH)

We thank all the speakers for kindly giving their time on a Saturday for a good cause.

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