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by | 24 January 2018


As part of the AWDS X PERK Christmas Project, we aimed to collect 200 new or gently used bras by Christmas to contribute to the uplift project but we ended up collecting 500!

For women in disadvantaged communities, a bra is often unobtainable and unaffordable hence robbing them of dignity and the comfort of support. The bra a woman receives from the uplift project is often the only bra she owns. Members of the AWDS understood this, rallied around to raise awareness and sent their donation to KKH which was the drop off point. Many ladies even asked their non-doctor friends in the community to participate in the project. This is a photograph of President Dr Jade Kua counting some of the bras with her primary school friends and their daughters.
Many thanks to all members who gave these underprivileged ladies in the Philippines a Christmas miracle of love, fellowship and empowerment symbolize by the simple gift.

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